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The Spanish Privacy Law  
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The Spanish Privacy Law

The Spanish Privacy Law (Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales), hereinafter LOPD, establishes a range of obligations for those companies, independent professionals, and state administration entities holding and managing personal information.

In addition, the Law mentioned above, that withdraws the previous LORTAD, aims at the guarantee and protection of public freedom and fundamental rights of people, particularly their honour, and personal and familiar privacy.
Private personal data
Scope of the Law

The LOPD is active since 15th January 2000, when the previous LORTAD was withdrawn. The main difference between this two laws is that the scope of the LORTAD only reach the files containing personal information in an electronic support. The LOPD widens this scope to any kind of support, that is, files in a tangible format are also subject to the Law.

Nevertheless, the LOPD stills keeps some aspects of the LORTAD. In this sense, it is established that LORTAD is ruling every aspect not included in the LORTAD. This is case, for example, of the Safety Document Code, with was established previously to the LOPD.

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